“Change Begins Within.” – Shade Lawrence Jenifer

whyinsideoutWhatever you see on the outside, is a physical manifestation of what’s happening on the inside.

In an instant society, many people are looking for quick fixes or temporary solutions to their many problems. When the world around them seems hostile or unfair, they chalk it up to “life,” and things being “just the way they are.”

Public and silent “woe-is-me” stories are constantly shared among girlfriends who naturally comfort and quickly “support” their sisters by breaking out the blanketing panacea statement, “Girl, everything is fine.”

When in actuality, deep inside everyone knows “fine” is not the answer. “Fine” is a bandaid for what’s really lurking behind the feelings of self-doubt, self-neglect, self-abuse covered in the umbrella of excuses, disguised as “confidence.”

In order to live without bondage, fear, insecurity, doubt, worry, ill-will and as a result, ill-health, we need to begin living daily from the inside out, while being present and aware of “now.”

  • What you put inside your head now, will be reflected in your beliefs, thoughts and thus actions.
  • What you harbor inside your heart now, will be reflected in your attitude about yourself and others.
  • What you put inside your body now (food, substances, etc.) will manifest outwardly in the condition of your overall health and wellness.

The only time that matters is nowthe present. So BE present in this experience, and focus on each moment.