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Hey Mommy!

I’m Megan Jenifer-Harris, Creator and Curator of Soul Nurturing Sessions™ for Moms.

I empower mothers to show up daily in every area of their life as their best selves, by merging their inside game with outside strategies, for their legacy and impact on the planet.

It’s easy to get lost in the title and duties that come with motherhood. The transformation that happens when becoming a mother is unlike any other. It’s totally indescribable to those who have yet to experience it.

When looking for help and support, there were times I felt very isolated and lonely. How I viewed myself didn’t measure up to the images I would see of other moms who bounced back quickly and made motherhood look flawless.

I had accomplished all these amazing things in life, yet here I was totally blindsided and struggling to recover gracefully and in my mind, quickly enough from something as normal and natural as motherhood.

The recovery was hard, grueling, tiresome and sometimes discouraging. Before I could make any lasting and long-term healthy lifestyle adjustments, I had A LOT of work to do on my spirit, soul and self-perception.

IMG_4667Soul Nurturing Sessions™ for Moms was born.

There needed to be a safe space where difficulties could be aired and moms could experience universal support instead of the “us” vs. “them” energy that gets splashed across different mom communities online…

… An atmosphere free from these two annoyances:

  • judgment and…
  • well-meaning unsolicited advice.

In our weekly sessions on Periscope, I pour into your soul much needed nourishment to refuel and energize your desires…

… In order to make the MOST out of motherhood with everyone’s sanity and happiness in tact, including YOU!

  • The tired mom who needs reassurance that her well-being matters.
  • The frustrated mom who feels under-appreciated.
  • The ambitious mom who keeps striving for perfection but continually falls short.
  • The working… work-from-home, stay-at-home mom who feels fractured because self-sacrifice is becoming the norm.
  • The insecure mom who is being told by family and the masses that she’s doing it wrong.
  • The guilty mom who feels lazy, unattractive, less-than or sub par because of all the external and internal expectations of being a woman AND mom.
  • The Advanced Maternal Age (AMA) mom who worries about her vitality and longevity.
  • The young mom who is met with adversity from all angles.
  • The mom of multiples who has to juggle the constant needs of more than one of the same age.
  • The foster mom who faces stereotypes and is helping to heal broken homes.
  • The surrogate mom who must endure ignorant questions of those who just want to be nosy.
  • The bonus or step-mom who has to walk the fine line of motherhood by marriage.
  • The mom-to-be who is anxious, nervous, overjoyed and hormonal as she surrenders to the idea of becoming a mom.
  • The mom-to-be who is still trying to conceive and must remain hopeful yet again, after another menstrual cycle.
  • The rainbow mom, who misses dearly her sweet angel every single day.
  • The single mom who rests very little and has to constantly exude strength on behalf of her children.
  • The one of two moms, who shares the parenting duties of raising a child or children in a world, which doesn’t fully accept their love.


Motherhood… This amazingly beautiful, yet harsh territory, where there is no manual, no how-to-guide… is filled with residents that can come across as self-righteous, indignant, snobbish, judgmental and downright mean

Because of this, I offer a sanctuary… A place without judgment, where you can refill your cup… Where you can clear away the clutter and distractions and sow healthy seeds into your own heart’s fertile ground… To emerge replenished and ready to face all the uncertainties of motherhood with grace and resolution.

I help hold up the mirror to what is blocking you and clogging up your innate energetic power so you can begin to flourish mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically again. I help you design a self-care plan (#SoulScroll), based on your unique circumstances, so that you can prioritize “putting on your oxygen mask first” to be your best for yourself and everyone who depends on you to be so.

Becoming a mom is not the end of your life. It’s quite the opposite! Contrary to popular belief, it’s still a life that you can live by design with purpose on purpose.

Let me help you become the artist and author of your story, and rock your motherhood in your own signature way.



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