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Count Me In!

Reading your daily post are always rejuvenating for me. And it is as if you are speaking directly to me with your messages… It makes me reaffirm my strengths and clears my head of what’s NOT important. You are so refreshingly honest that it makes it easy to take in what you are saying which is necessary if I am going to ‘fix me’. Thank you Megan for giving us mommies a way to feel that we are not alone in this SUPERWOMAN journey and allowing us to see our full potential throughout the bumps and hiccups.

Sakinah G., Wife and Mom of Eight!

I am not normally one to be super organized or write things down or take time to think about what and why I’m doing something. This reset reminded me that I DO love tangible directions and lists. I love “checking” something off my list. At first, I was stuck because I stink at brainstorming by myself. I’m much better when someone has started that ball rolling, then I can run with it for days. Megan’s journal was a huge help in getting my 4 legs up and “standing” so I stole some of her ideas which got my ball rolling smoothly. This is a great reminder that true, long lasting results do NOT happen overnight and i must take the reigns back to control what I get out of each day. Yay! Thank you!

Sara B., Wife and Mom of One!